They are the deadliest.

29 Mar

They are the deadliest.

Wow, you noticed too? Good job bro! Such a clever and obscure joke, glad there are smart people in the world like us who get these things. 🙂


4 Dec

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GTA V – Extreme Racism

30 Nov

It didnt need to prove his guilt. It just needed to suggest the possibility of it, and it didnt even do that. Not quite. In a nutshell, a grand jury needs to see if there is enough evidence based on which, if there was a trial, a jury can find a verdict of guilty. The fact they didnt, is exactly it – it doesnt mean that the officer was “cleared” of all charges; it doesnt mean that the shooting was justified – it simply means that there wont even be a trial, which, to me is baffling, considering the incredibly unjust and unequal grand jury system. Your argument about seeing all the evidence and deciding cop wasnt guilty does not hold water, and here is why: There is no judge presiding to oversee the evidence being presented; there is no neutral charge to the jury from a judge; there is no judge to say “irrelevant, the jury will disregard.” The prosecutor alone has the control over which evidence is presented. The prosecutor alone has the control over who gets to testify and for how long. And from what I read, it was abuse of process all the way – and here is why: Even if they did see all the evidence like you say – perhaps they shouldnt have? Like you yourself said, they dont need to determine his guilt or innocence – they just need to see if there is enough evidence – they dont even have to engage in credibility judgments. Piling on all the evidence on the grand jury (the composition of which is preposterous by the way, only 3 black jurors in a town with a majority of black people, totally unrepresentative, and it stinks – like Rodney Kings first trial all over again) was probably not the best way to go about it. It makes it seem like prosecutor was acting defence counsel for the cop, and not a prosecutor in the public interest. Not saying the cop is guilty, not saying Brown is innocent – Im saying this whole shooting was suspicious and called for a trial. Placing all your trust in the grand jury system is misguided.

Risky Birdie shot

23 Oct

Risky Birdie shot

Just like golf, it is equally useless to go where people are of like mind. No progress can come from golf, or the redundancy of parallel opinion. But thanks for continuing the theme of ineffectual thinking.

Instagram and its benefits in taking your business into brand new heights

7 Sep

1. Understand ways to utilize Instagram for business.

Progressively more businesses are making use of Instagram. In the beginning, only individuals utilized it for amusement. In response to this, Instagram developed the Instagram for business blog. It provides points, spotlights for brand name, API good examples as well as information from Instagram head quarter. Following this blog will do a lot in ensuring that you have even more Instagram followers who you can easily change into loyal clients. Do not just go for the basics; figure out the distinct methods you can make your Instagram account work for you in your business.

2. Be creative regarding the pictures you post.

The last point your company Instagram account ought to be is monotonous. A few of your Instagram fans may also decide to unfollow you. If it arises, it means losing business and the chance to develop your client base. Ensure to hit an equilibrium between entertaining photographs and those linked to your company. Make use of the improved real estate you have obtained with your Instagram web page to show one-of-a-kind stories with photographs. Individuals appreciate fun photographs and often get a lot more likes than the business ones. Thus, striking an equilibrium between the two types of photographs will certainly keep your Instagram fans who will consequentially bring you a lot more.

3. Follow back your supporters.

Majority of folks and firms overlook this critical act. How will you make your fans come to feel unique if you dont follow them? A basic act of following back your Instagram fans is what you should acquire more fans and transform them into clients.

instagram followers

4. Instagram video clip and blog/website

Does your business run a blog or website? Take advantage of the brand-new Instagram embed video option to embed Instagram video in your website or company blog. Know how and when to make use of Instagram video clips first to prevent creating substantial issues. This is particularly significant given that it extends the reach of your web content.

Drug Rehab: The struggle made simpler

15 May

Many of the rehabilitation centers base their treatment on comprehensive education and common-sense. This is aimed to instill realization and influence of substance abuse to the client. This paired with family support is meant to have permanent solution, aid folks realign personal targets and their expert. To obtain these ventures, all players call for to work hard. A lot more so, the client needs to want to change. The program will certainly work well if it teaches the patient impacts of drug, focusing on impacts of substance abuse to his/her life and the family, and recognize that they have control over their life.

However, fighting and getting rid of drug addiction is never ever a stroll to the park, it needs a bunch of commitment. Expert should take one on one strategy instead of universal group meeting. The help must be consistent, in drug rehab centers and when patient leaves rehab.

There are numerous drug rehab programs featuring out-patient, mental wellness, household therapy (in-patient), rehabilitation or sober houses, local support groups, dependence guidance, orthomolecular medicine, expanded hygiene centers and medical care.

Behavior modification is very important when dealing with drug recovery. For instance, use of multidimensional therapy is designed to sustain recuperation by enhancing household features, while inspirational speaking with therapy is designed to urge patient to enter treatment and change behavior. But for faster and long-term recuperation, these approaches are combined.