Incomplete Man in AC3

27 Jan

Incomplete Man in AC3

1. When I (finally) got out of the tutorial cutscene-to-needless-walking-to-cutscene, I did the first mission where you ambush redcoats in an alley. Lee (was that the chubby redcoat that Haytham didn’t like?) walked in every cutscene with his gun about two feet from his back, bouncing along with him at the same pace like ‘haters gon hate’ 2. As Haytham again, when you steal the plans from the camp, going into cover outside of the fort freezes the game for me 3. As Connor, going from cover in the bushes to interacting with animal tracks/ clues, it freezes the game. And this is only before the eagle flying scene for my gameplay experience. I really should finish this game, but I got sidetracked by WAY BETTER GAMES, none of this "cutscene and then walking for no reason then other cutscene" gameplay bullshit, the added-because-nobody-likes-them QTEs, the non-responsive free-running (favourite part of that is the email from Rebecca: "hai guyz I fixed the Animus so its much better now" NO Rebecca, you did NOT), and of course, the optional objectives that don’t give you the ACTUAL optional objective. Such a bugged out pos game…

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