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Fluorine Gas and Sulfur

25 Feb

Fluorine Gas and Sulfur

Apparently this makes sulfur hexafluoride, which is a colorless odorless, nearly inert gas. However, the reaction also produces a little bit S2F10, which is highly toxic. I don’t think anyone was breathing the reaction products of that gif…


My schools ping pong club just for these shirts.

22 Feb

My schools ping pong club just for these shirts.

Interestingly, in Mandarin, the word for ping pong/table tennis is 乒乓球, pronounced pīngpāng qiú (qiú just means ‘ball’ and is attached to any sport that has a ball in it, e.g. 足球 (zúqiú) literally means ‘football’). The word is not only interesting because of its onomatopoeic nature (i.e. it sounds like the ball bouncing back and forth), but also because the characters for pīngpāng – 乒乓 – actually look kinda like a table tennis table with two guys playing. Yeah, Chinese is pretty cool sometimes.

The power of oxidation

14 Feb

The power of oxidation

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s because when the solution hits the bottom of the flask and "scatters", it allows for much more oxygen molecules to come into contact with it. When it’s still in the column pouring down, there’s still a relatively small percentage of the solution that contacts the air, probably not enough contact to incur the color change.

The largest known star in the universe. Well, there’s my dose of insignificance for the day.

3 Feb

You cannot deny the significance of the human race. Yet you do so by saying yourself and I are insignificant ‘in the grand scheme of things’. Humanity is a whole made up of individuals. Individually you are right in saying many are similar, and, as such there is no real significant difference of one over the other, except when they are exceptional, in the case of scientists and great artists. But as a species we are significant, we are sentient, we can manipulate the universe in a way that no other species has. There may be other life out there, however for now we cannot say for certain. The reality is, until we confirm life, living or dead, on another planet, the only thing we can say with any surety is that life exists on Earth. If we can prove it exists on any other planets in the solar system then we can say, ok, the odds just rose dramatically. Even if we imagine other life exists on other planets in other galaxies, or even our own, the chances of that life being anything like us is, well, as you put it, insignificant. It may be microbial, it might be single cell like our ancient ancestors. It might be complex multicellular organisms. It could be that a species much like our own managed to evolve rapidly for millions of years, into a race so advanced this imaginary exercise of imagining them couldn’t even comprehend their complexity. Or it could be life never got a foot hold anywhere else in the universe. This is all possible because it is only made so by our imaginations. Only facts dictate reality. I stand by what I said. Humans are the most significant thing to happen in 15 billion years, as far as we know.

T Bone has it ruff

1 Feb

T Bone has it ruff

Haha someone looks pooped.