MY favorite childhood game. You’re all making me feel old.

26 Jun

MY favorite childhood game. Youre all making me feel old.


Funny story. This was my all time favorite gameboy game when I was little. One day I lost the game and could not find it. I searched for it every so often for like 2 years. One day, about 5 days later, my brother went into a large bush near our house when his basketball fell into it, he saw an object in the dirt and fished it out. It was Kirbys Dreamland! I was so happy but bummed because it could only be broken. He decided to clean it out with an old toothbrush and stick it in a gameboy. With the light switching on and that long forgotten chime, the game turned on. Craziest stuff ever. I then played it for a couple days and lost it again. I hate myself sometimes. TL;DR: Lost Kirbys Dreamland and found it outside in the dirt 5 years later. Still worked.


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