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So the trailer to Lars Von Triers’ NYMPHMANIAC is out…

23 Nov

Melancholia was designed to make you wonder what the point of life is, and to show the way that so many of lifes goals are just bullshit. I guarantee you Nymph()maniac is designed to make you wonder what the point of sex is. To me much of what Lars von Treirs is doing in his films is stripping away the false, magic feelings that we have about things and revealing the stark reality of what they really are. So in Melancholia he shows that the career, the romance, the parties are worthless and that all we know of as life is tied to this fragile body that can be destroyed so easily by inevitable forces. In a way the planet Melancholia is Death. It will always hit us eventually and it is unescapable. Doubtlessly Nymph()maniac is designed to give you the same feeling about sex. As a male after you finish masturbating to some porn you suddenly find that the scene that was incredibly arousing a few moments ago is just skin and body fluids and sweat. Its no longer captivating and arousing. Sometimes you find yourself thinking “What the fuck did I just masturbate to?” or you feel disgusted. Id put my money on this film being designed to arouse and titillate us at first but then give us that same feeling of disgust and disillusionment with sex.