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After criticising the English cricket team and their performances in Australia via twitter, Piers Morgan was invited to come out to Australia and face up to a 150kph+ bowler to see what it was like. He did not go well.

28 Dec

For some context, England are currently playing in Australia and have so far been beaten soundly thanks in a large part to very fast and intimidating bowling from the Australian team. Over the last month, Piers Morgan has been criticising the English players for their lack of courage and failing to stand up to the Australians. The bowler is Brett Lee and he retired from international cricket in July last year, and is now a commentator (as are the other guys in the video). He was one of, if not the, fastest bowlers in the world, regularly getting balls up to 150kph/95mph and faster. When he was playing he hit and injured a number of batsmen, as you can see here. As he says at the end of the video, he was probably only bowling at around 80%. Also, the bit that Morgan adds at the end about not quitting this tour is a reference to the English bowler Graeme Swann who suddenly retired and left the tour after the third game, despite there still being two more games to play. With England losing all those 3 games, Morgan was among many who criticised Swann for jumping off a sinking ship rather than sticking with it to try to win back some pride in the last two. Edit: For those more familiar with baseball than cricket, Morgan said on Twitter that Lee is the cricket equivalent of Aroldis Chapman, whoever that may be.