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GTA V – Extreme Racism

30 Nov

It didnt need to prove his guilt. It just needed to suggest the possibility of it, and it didnt even do that. Not quite. In a nutshell, a grand jury needs to see if there is enough evidence based on which, if there was a trial, a jury can find a verdict of guilty. The fact they didnt, is exactly it – it doesnt mean that the officer was “cleared” of all charges; it doesnt mean that the shooting was justified – it simply means that there wont even be a trial, which, to me is baffling, considering the incredibly unjust and unequal grand jury system. Your argument about seeing all the evidence and deciding cop wasnt guilty does not hold water, and here is why: There is no judge presiding to oversee the evidence being presented; there is no neutral charge to the jury from a judge; there is no judge to say “irrelevant, the jury will disregard.” The prosecutor alone has the control over which evidence is presented. The prosecutor alone has the control over who gets to testify and for how long. And from what I read, it was abuse of process all the way – and here is why: Even if they did see all the evidence like you say – perhaps they shouldnt have? Like you yourself said, they dont need to determine his guilt or innocence – they just need to see if there is enough evidence – they dont even have to engage in credibility judgments. Piling on all the evidence on the grand jury (the composition of which is preposterous by the way, only 3 black jurors in a town with a majority of black people, totally unrepresentative, and it stinks – like Rodney Kings first trial all over again) was probably not the best way to go about it. It makes it seem like prosecutor was acting defence counsel for the cop, and not a prosecutor in the public interest. Not saying the cop is guilty, not saying Brown is innocent – Im saying this whole shooting was suspicious and called for a trial. Placing all your trust in the grand jury system is misguided.